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Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 1:27 pm
by csnoah98
Is anyone willing to critique an aircheck of a beached jock?

Radar Love, radar, 9/13/2009 7:39:36 PM,
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Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 2:03 pm
by csnoah98
Your post is admirable. I've been doing this a long time and here's my initial reaction.

I detest critiques, aircheck sessions - whatever you wanna call them. Unless you are a raw beginner and struggle with the basics (DoubleyouENNNbeecee) they do little, IMO. We all listen with unavoidable prejudices. For example, I'm not big on blue humor or shock stuff yet Stern makes gazillions with it. I think he sucks and can honestly say I've never listened to a whole show - I've tried but can't stand it. Yet, enough think he's terrific as to make him wealthy. If I listened to your aircheck and thought it was great - what does that matter? I'm not hiring. The person who might hire you will most likely have different tastes than mine and you never know the mitigating circumstances; a fight with a spouse, a hangover, his/her knee hurts, etc. What I think might be more useful is:

Ask someone to critique your job search methods, give you some marketing ideas. Talk to you about how to "own" something - be your own station. Come up with a podcast, a net idea, a syndicated idea - something you can sell. In other words: ideas. Look for a hole in your market, a need that might be there and fill it.

I truly believe the days of having a bang-up aircheck and being hired and moving to a new station are rapidly fading. Like every other occupation in America, a radio gig listed on AA most likely has a ton of applicants. And in today's world, I see the reality as this: talent is still important BUT ... other factors like location (no one will pay for you to move), willingness to work for lower $$ than expected will be bigger. And I see two other factors looming:

First - about 20% of employers today are considering dropping the offering of medical benefits. This is huge and the numbers are bound to increase. Secondly - I have a feeling more & more stations will move their employees to 1099 status; a staff of contractors as opposed to employees.

Just a few late night Sunday thoughts. But as i said at the start: your goal is admirable. I wish you the very best.

halltalk, 9/13/2009 9:21:25 PM
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