Great interview with Peter Smyth

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Great interview with Peter Smyth

Post by pbergin » Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:44 am

I happened to catch this quote:

>>Our limitations are in our minds. Radio should do a better job telling that story. Katie Couric reaches 5.23 mil households. Greater Media gets 20 million; WLTW gets 6 million in a week. In Boston, one out of every 3 adults listen to Magic on a weekly basis and it's free. We don't talk about that enough -- the reach of radio stations in markets.<<

I happen to believe that as well, but the issue is: How to sell it?

The reach of radio is stupendous... 99% penetration or so. How is it that radio can't seem to make that number work?

It's about putting bodies in the door for a client, people. That's all they care about. You put bodies in the door, and you're an automatic buy. The agencies can't address that, only local sales folk can.

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