"Hear God Speak" (a Music Video Experience)

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"Hear God Speak" (a Music Video Experience)

Post by heargodspeak » Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:09 am

About Me and Hear God Speak:

My whole life has been devoted to my music and following God's lead. I never dreamed I would be involved in something that would offer the world a chance to Hear God Speak. Especially, in a music video that helps create a super-natural environment through the use of words, music, sound and digital visualizations. Let alone tell the world that I was directed by God to do so.

How this happened had to be an accident, right? Well, if you know anything about following God, then you know that there are no accidents. So this one eventful evening, I was led to focus my attention on combining my original compositions with a new digital geometric-software program and I found myself totally transformed. It took the music to a new level and created a spiritual connection that was soon to become the heart and soul of Hear God Speak.

For me, this was a defining God-moment. He spoke to me and said this was how He wanted my music to be presented to the world. And that He would speak to his children through this unique combination of songs and visualizations, and they would hear what He had to say through them.

Once I got over how overwhelming the evidence was and how God was smack in the middle of all this, I immeidately did some focus-testing in order to get reactions from others. The results seemed to fall into 3 categories: some people got a message from God on their first pass; some heard their own voice speaking to themselves; and others heard a message that spoke to someone they loved or cared about. For me, the important point here was that everyone got to Hear God Speak at their own level of awareness and understanding.

I admit there were some who did not get it at all (for whatever reason). But they appear to be in the minority. One of the main benefits that was revealed was how this experience made you really pay attention to detail. And that it expands awareness and discipline in communicating with God.

Thus the emphasis on closely following the Viewing Instructions. Creating your viewing environment with minimal distractions, like watching on a computer with headphones. And by maintaining a positive attitude and open heart, the rest would come naturally.

I believe Hear God Speak can strengthen and encourage your relationship with God. And if you don’t have one, this is a great way to start. My hope is that you do Hear God Speak and that He does change your life, just as He did mine!

Enjoy & God Bless!

Allen Petrowski (Co-creator of HGS)
Music Performed by: The RITE Band

Go to: http://www.heargodspeak.net

Preview at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEXXxaDX7F0

(Available in DVD or Video-On-Demand) $9.95

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