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Non-profit LPFM Seeking Engineering Help

Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2017 2:29 pm
by patrick1037
KQUA is a LPFM in Roseburg, Oregon. We began broadcasting in February. As of June, I was brought on to take on programming. We have a very simple setup which allows us to pretty much be on-air.

However, we have some engineering needs that are hard to come by here in this region. Our biggest need is setting up the EAS. My engineering experience ends at setting up and running remotes.

Eventually, we will be building a bigger and more professional studio. We basically have a Yamaha MG82cx mixer which is plugged into the transmitter., a computer and two mics.

We are able to write grants, but we are still in the beginning stages and really haven't formed our marketing team. We are in need of engineering help and equipment donations. We can help with a donation write-off. We can also try to work out other arrangements for help if needed.

Trick Schneider
Program Director

Re: Non-profit LPFM Seeking Engineering Help

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 1:11 pm
by jackatnite
Did you find the help you need? I noticed this was dated June of 2017. is my email.