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Net Talk • Please read this if you are NEW to The Research Doctor
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Please read this if you are NEW to The Research Doctor

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:51 am
by rogerwimmer
If you are new to The Research Doctor, welcome and thanks for stopping by. Here is a brief history about the forum/column that is now in its 17th year.

The Research Doctor started in January 2000 as a column only for radio research questions, but it quickly changed to a column that addresses almost any topic. While the concentration is on radio research, I have answered questions on hundreds of different topics such as the mass media, physics, chemistry, astronomy, medicine, motorcycles, automobiles, and trivia.

If you would like to submit a question, click on the NEWTOPIC tab at the left of your screen below this post. Your question(s) will be kept anonymous unless you include your name and/or email address in your question.

I also provide private answers to questions, where your question and my answer are not posted on the Forum. If you want to submit a question for a private answer, you must include your email address so I can write back to you. In your question, please remind me that you want a private answer.

There is a Research Doctor Archive that contains thousands of questions and answers from the past years. You can get there by clicking here and then clicking on the Research Doctor Archive, which is the second item in the list.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the column. Submit a question!