Winter is coming.........................

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Winter is coming.........................

Post by cuddzu » Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:22 pm

A challenge made, it lingers still.
attempt to reward, a mind to thrill.
offer cash, and see what may,
grow from old ashes on a fine winter day.

all and none thought the matter fine,
not one sought to make the reward thine.
not that I am great or don more intellect,
but sought to enable like minds 2 intersect.

The quest is there, for all to see,
I still hold to thine and thee.
If you recall what to do,
then bounty awaits to the lucky few.

There may only be hazzards for each tried and tripped,
remember you must start at one and nary a board skipped.
To complete before me is what you must trouble,
for now the compensation is currently at double.

I'll not air gripes at one here who said,
what they did believe and let loose from their head.
I bask in the cornfields of Indiana near,
and remember that I don't belong here.

Good night and may God Bless............RS

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